Why to prefer MBA over CFA?

Job market is highly competitive and demanding, which requires the aspirants to have a proper degree from a reputed college or institute. Two most popular degree programs are CFA and MBA in India. Both have individual values, this creates an air of confusion for the students. They might face difficulty in selecting the right degree program after the graduation. By overall market study and characteristics of CFA and MBA program degree, mass students find MBA more useful than CFA.

Let's first understand basic features of both degree programs:

Basic CFA curriculum is divided into 3 study levels: Level I- portfolio management, asset valuation, financial reporting and analysis. Level II- Tools for asset valuation like quantitative methods and economics. Level III – Models for asset valuation in relation with fixed income, managing investments and equity.

MBA program degree is broader in terms of curriculum and attracts students from various academic backgrounds to pursue career in diverse fields. MBA students can earn degree in various fields most common ones being- finance, marketing and sales, human resource, operations entrepreneurial management and business. There are some MBA colleges that permit students to customize their own MBA depending upon their career goals and ambition.

From the above two short explanations, we find MBA to be more lucrative than CFA. Here are some more reasons supporting the point:

  1. Applying for MBA ensures all-round education that comprises more than just financial and investment analysis. It includes marketing, business and accounting. Students get the opportunity to build a wider networking hub and interact with fellow students.
  2. Corporate companies prefer employees with PG degree with some professional title attached to it. MBA students get all these benefits.
  3. Time duration of a CFA program is 18 months that most students take 4 years to complete. On the other hand anMBA program degree is of 2 years and students complete it in that time slot. Thus it is faster to achieve the MBA degree.
  4. MBA Colleges have close knot alumni communities that have been around since years. That's one major reason that makes MBA the selected one.
  5. If you want to work in a diversified work environment. MBA is for you. CFA is basically for students who want to make their career in finance field. MBA gives access to wide mix of business classes, it makes the students well-prepared to work in different kinds of job right from simple job to higher designation ones.
  6. MBA students have a richer work and personal life balance. Usually CFA students do a job and study simultaneously which is rather harder thing to do. MBA candidates usually study full-time which makes things much easier.
  7. MBA has better recognition among the masses. CFA is pursued by selected few.
  8. If you want to become an entrepreneur than MBA is the right choice, CFA does not teach anything about it.
  9. MBA Colleges provide atmosphere to have Fun and enjoy student life along with studies.
  10. There is no maintenance cost after getting your MBA degree. Whereas for CFA, annual fees is to be paid and fulfill CPE requirements. The fee is not much but it can be annoying.