Is it possible to make changes to an already submitted application?

If you want to study abroad, than the basic thing required apart from student Visa USA is to fill and submit the application. This can be done online or in print medium. However sometimes due to any reason you might want to make changes to your application that has been submitted to the concerned department of the university. Rules and regulations may differ from one institution to another.

Let us see guidelines of few known Universities:

  1. Ontario University:
  2. According to Ontario University policy if you want to make changes to the submitted application, here is the solution to it -

    • Log in to your submitted application, enter the necessary changes.
    • Click on SUBMIT option.
    • Carefully review and verify double the information that you have entered. If everything is correct, press the button.
    • If applicable, choose the mode of fee payment.
    • Read carefully the ‘Applicant declaration' clause and press the button.
    • If your application is submitted successfully, you would get a 'Confirmation number' on last page of the SUBMIT procedure. Keep a print out of this page for future reference.
    • In case you have submitted your application but made any mistake which you want to rectify then, here is the process to it:
    • One business day after your fees has been received and application processed, corrections or changes can be made online to your application.
    • Use the OUAC reference number and password to get access through your application.
    • Guidance counselor can be contacted in case of misplacement of OUAC reference number.

  3. American Medical College Application Service:
  4. Yes, changes can be made to your application after it's been submitted. During the verification process you can submit an academic change request. This request option can be found in the vertical menu on the right hand side of the application. This option is available after your application has completed the verification procedure. AMCAS takes 5 business days at least to review or process the Academic change request.

    The information which you cannot change or alter are- course names, titles and numbers, the grades and hours of few types of courses ( refer to their website for more info).

    The information that can be changed in the submitted application are- ID numbers, full name, preferred name, alternate name, contact information , address (all), alternate contact information, DOB, sex, letters of evaluation, next MCA testing date, altering present program types and release of application information to your pre-health advisor.

  5. University of South Alabama:
  6. Application can be given through FAFSA, and when you need to make changes to it after its submission, here is the process.

    Online changes can be made to the application if you have the PIN number from department of education at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Just click on the option of ‘Make corrections to a processed FAFSA'. Changes to the student aid report can be made and mail it to Department of Education.

    From the above examples it becomes clear that rules and regulations to make changes to submit application varies. At the time of application submission read to the terms and conditions carefully.