How does Indian Students get benefit from Abroad Countries?

The number of Indian students seeking admission to study Abroad in the USA, UK, Australia or Canada is increasing every year. This means that the universities and in turn, the country is attracting millions of bright, young Indian students and making a lot of money out of this process. It costs a lot of money to study abroad and quite a bit of revenue for a foreign country is coming out of giving admission to Indian students who can afford the expensive costs of getting a foreign degree.

Apart from all the revenue that is coming out of this process, the country is also reaching out to an emerging power like India, is building political ties with the country and is also creating an environment of business for the future. Another emerging trend that is noticed is the tie-ups that foreign universities have with Indian universities for joint studies (you study partly in India and partly abroad), research programs (you complete most of your studies in an Indian university and go to the foreign university only for your research program) and are also building campuses here in India. Foreign universities offering programs in India attract students who cannot afford to study abroad. However, students can expect very high standards of programs being offered right here in their backyards, as compared to other Indian universities.

The best of talent from India gets to a foreign university. And since most universities have very stringent and high standards of selection for Indian students, this means that the cream of talent from India is available right there, under their noses. This makes it very easy for multi-national companies to recruit from a ready pool of talent.

Indian students who study abroad country are likely to settle down in jobs there and will probably do business at a later time. This will definitely boost the economy of the foreign country, build business networks and create a brand of the foreign country here in India.

When a country is exposed to Indian culture from its international students, it makes it easier for the population to be tolerant towards a foreign way of life. For example, if I were a foreign student with a lot of Indian friends on campus, I would be familiar with the Indian way of life, right from the university level. And when I get a job and start working, if my company were to move me to India to work there, which is very common nowadays, then I would already be familiar with an Indian lifestyle and I would settle down in India faster than any other foreign Country.