How to use your study abroad experience to secure a job?

While a foreign degree can be a great catalyst to boost your career, however, using that to impress your future employer back home could be tricky. You might acquire some of the best practices during your study abroad but conveying that to your employer isn't going to be easy. For that you need to prepare a well-convincing pitch showcasing your skills and suitability to work in a diversified work regime.

Below are some of the aspects you might consider even before you start applying for jobs.

Flexibility and adaptability

Since you already have travelled abroad, you might be familiar with certain things (like willing to relocate and adapting to new culture and customs) that reflect your flexible and adaptable attitude. This can be an added advantage as your transition (in case of relocation) to a foreign country would be smoother than that of a candidate without study abroad experience.

Your international exposure

The best thing that can be mentioned in your CV or cover letter is that since you studied abroad you lived in a foreign country where your mother tongue is not the first language. You won't fumble to foreign accent and moreover you are tolerant to other cultures– and this means that you'll always be respectful. This may help you bag the job which requires dealing with international clients, co-workers in a foreign office, or the company's customer base.

Working in groups

Explaining to your employers about your ability to work in a diversified group is essential as they may want to find out your effective ways of getting things done under immense pressure. Telling them how you had managed to co-ordinate and collaborate while managing people will put you in the driving seat.

Making your candidature appealing

When you apply for a job interview, remember, the employer wants to find out your suitability to their corporate culture. Your study abroad experience can come handy in such situations as you are already familiar with mixing in an international outfit from diverse background. Highlighting some of your project related experience while studying can boost your career prospect.

Citing career plans

Draw your long-term career plan and show your employer how this job would require some of the traits you already possess. If any future international job opportunities arise in the company, tell them how you would best fit to their requirement. Assuring your employer about how you can be an asset to your company will make your candidature more interesting and appealing. Tell your plans how you would like to grow with the company as employees who can grow with a company are very appealing.

So, get cracking and I wish you luck.