Path to Finance Your Dream Engineering Education

Higher Education Plus
April 1, 2018

"CIBIL education credit as on March 31 stood at INR 63,800 crore against INR 53,334 crore in April 2014 to study within country and abroad", Ajay Bohora, Co-founder, HDFC Credila

Everybody does not have a family asset which can be liquidated and hence opt the way of loan. If a student wishes to pursue his or her degree from a for-eign university. it becomes necessary for the student to show the financial resources prior to/after approval of the visa. Gurinder Matti, Chairman, and MD, FSS Global says, "Planning is the crucial and most significant task for any success. Students should do a thor-ough research before they begin their loan application process with any bank. They should also consider the marginal money which is required before any bank approves the loan. Incomplete documentation can act as a hurdle in the entire process. Hence, before pro-ceeding always ensure that documents are hand?

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