Indian Colleges Should Invest In Skills, Not Acres

Date : September 10, 2017

While some privileged Indians have found their way up the ladder in our education system, there are many who still lack access to quality education in India. How can we bridge this existing gap? How can the status quo be changed? Panelists at the BW higher education conclave deliberated the need of right investment in education in India to bring the change. A change which requires the right type of investment aimed at the right group of people so that they can access education in India just like other privileged citizens of the country. A change targeted towards quality of education and a change targeted towards making global leaders.

Farhan Pettiwala, President Enactus India, forwarded his points by mentioning how fundraising teams should be a part of colleges and how the process is already pretty active in most developed countries. Mr. Pettiwala does take a pertinent stand. Indian colleges lack structured fundraising teams directly translating to lack of appropriate funds for students. The situation finally leads to colleges increasing their fees.

Ajay Bohra, CEO and Co Founder, Credila HDFC added, "Funding is extremely critical for quality of education". While we have large discourses on those who are left out of the education system, there are many who have managed their way inside and are still not getting quality education. The argument focuses on the fact how investments need to be selectively also directed towards the quality of education in India.

Augustus Azariah, Director HR, IBM India added another point to the discussion, "It is important to understand where industry and technology are going and hence direct investments adhering to the same". Automation and AI have really given a reality check to course curriculum in India. Investment in developing right type of courses hence becomes really important and pertinent especially for a developing country like India.

It can be certainly inferred from the above discourse how merely investment doesn’t do the job, but it is the right kind of investment directed towards the right target, which can surely make India a global hub for education and produces leaders that are not only recognised nationally but globally.

Source : Business World