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Nine Indian students win awards at prestigious international science, engineering fair


An Indian American student won the prestigious Intel Foundation Young Scientist...

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What high GMAT scorers have in common


In reality many high scorers got there not because of some innate genius, but because ...

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What is a Recommendation Letter


The recommendation letters just don't talk about academics but also about your ability to take on the program that you are going for.

Anuj Parikh, Disha Consultants, Ahmedabad

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HDFC Credila regularly conducts web-based seminars and chats with experts regarding various aspects related to higher education in India and abroad.

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Everyone aspires for a higher education,
Perusing higher education is required action.

Best supporters we do possess,
Always back with us in the process.
Now I am grateful for their support,
Deep inside I'm proud of their effort.
Opportunities I await to get a fortune,
Jobs vary but I may hit the best tune.

I'll go around and study hard,
By kicking off every obstacle apart,
But when Credila's education loan is there with,
Then I can surely to my life give a bright spark.

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