While the visa interview, it is the second question...

"I didn't face any difficulty as I already had the sanction letter from HDFC Credila which supported to get the I-20 easily. At the time of visa, my son showed HDFC Credila's sanction letter and easily got the visa. It was one of the main important financial docs which I was holding. While the visa interview, it is the second question asked like how are you arranging the money for your higher studies. At that time we told we are planning to take the loan from HDFC Credila and showed them the sanction letter. Hence due to that we got the visa easily. I learned importance of finance. Also I came to know about credila. I was preferring nationalize bank as even they were ready to fund me but they didn't provide full finance so I preferred HDFC Credila as they were better and serviced according to my needs. Now I can give guidelines to any other parents to prefer HDFC Credila for educational loans.

I am happy with the services provided by Credila.

- Thyagarajan Paramasivam,
Father of Suraj Thyagarajan Paramasivam
State University of New York at Buffalo - USA

Visa Interview Tips


HDFC Credila Financial Services, Formerly known as Credila Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC, one of the most trusted names in financial services industry. HDFC Credila exclusively focuses on Education Loan.

Tips For Visa -

1. Keep a smiling face
2. Know the program and how it fits your career plans
3. Supplemental documentation
4. Wear a formal attire


NALSAR Hyderabad invites applications for MBA admission, 2014

Centre of Management Studies, NALSAR University, Hyderabad, has invited applications for MBA admissions 2014. The entrance exam, N-MET 2014 (NALSAR - Management Entrance Test 2014), will be held on June 15. The last date to apply is June 10, 2014.


Indian School of Business team enters finals at Hult Prize 2014

Mumbai : A group of students from the Indian School of Business (ISB) have designed a social enterprise, NanoHealth, which uses innovative technology to create local health networks for urban slum dwellers, bringing cost-effective healthcare to their doorstep.


10 MBAs With the Most Financial Value at Graduation

( )

Which actor holds a Business Management degree from the University of Massachusetts, USA. Mumbai?

1. Fardeen Khan           2. John Abraham
3. Sonu Sood               4. Shah Rukh Khan

Ans : fardeen Khan


How dare you lecture me!

It isn't no disgrace for a man to fall, but to lie there and grunt is. Once upon a time Nasrudin and his master went hunting in the forest. The master cut his thumb while shooting his bow and arrow because he held it incorrectly. Nasrudin stopped the bleeding and bandaged the deep wound as his master moaned in pain. In an attempt to console his master, Nasrudin said. "Sir, there are no mistakes, only lessons, and we can learn from them if we're willing." The master became enraged. "How dare you lecture me!" he barked. And with that he threw Nasrudin into a deserted well and continued on without his devoted servant.

A little further on, a group of forest people captured the master and took him to their chief for human sacrifice. The fire was roasting hot, and the master was about to be thrown into it when the chief noticed his bandaged thumb and set him free. It was a rule that all sacrificial victims had to be perfect specimens. Realizing how right Nasrudin had been, the master rushed back to the well to rescue his faithful servant. Acknowledging his unjust actions, the master pulled Nasrudin out and asked him to forgive him for the terrible mistake.

Nasrudin assured him that he had not made a mistake at all. On the contrary, he insisted that there was another lesson concealed here. Nasrudin told his master that he had done Nasrudin a great service by throwing him into the well. He thanked his master for saving his life explaining that if he had continued with him into the forest, the forest people would have taken him for sacrifice and surely he would had died.

"You see," Nasrudin ventured, "there are no mistakes, only lessons to learn. What we call our mistakes can be blessings in disguise, if we're willing to learn from them." This time the master smiled and nodded in agreement.

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